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Drainage Solutions in Columbus

Is your yard or driveway constantly filled up with water? As you may already know, flooded driveways are a pain. But did you know, when left unaddressed, poor drainage can cause significant damage to your driveway, home, and land? If you are experiencing poor drainage issues, then you need McCoy Paving! We have more than 30 years of experience in the industry, and in that time, we have managed to become a top drainage solutions provider in Columbus. Contact us today for your free estimate on the dry driveway you and your home deserve.


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Driveway Drainage

If your driveway ends up underwater every time it rains, you have a problem on your hands. Flooded driveways can cause lasting aesthetic and structural damage to your driveway as well as the foundation of your home. Here at McCoy Paving, we understand how important proper drain layout planning is for a long-lasting and effective drainage solution. So, whether you need your existing drainage repaired or new driveway drainage installed, you can count on us to get the job done.

Lawn Drains

In addition to driveway drainage, lawn drains are crucial in effective water management. Do you have standing pools of water or soft spots in the ground? These are indicators of a lack of drainage in the lawn and will lead to more serious problems when left unaddressed. Excess water is known to damage grass and other plants, as well as cause soil erosion. Soil erosion around the home is a significant threat to the stability of your house’s foundation and can lead to dangerous structural damage. If you suspect you have drainage issues, McCoy Paving is here to help. Our drainage solutions will repair or install the lawn drains you need for a dry, and healthy property.


Culvert Drains

One of the most effective ways to manage the water around your driveway is by installing culvert drains. Culverts are installed under a pathway, walkway, or driveway entrance to prevent erosion by allowing the unrestricted flow of water to pass under. Our carefully planned culvert installation ensures the water in your yard and around your driveway is directed away from your home, effectively preventing any long-term damage associated with poor drainage.

Trench Drainage

Do you experience flooding in a particular spot in your driveway? If so, trench drainage might be the perfect solution for you. McCoy Paving’s trench drain installation looks excellent and has the ability to move high volumes of water. Trench drainage looks great alongside driveways and sidewalks, and they are easily accessible if they get backed up.

McCoy Paving Drainage Solutions in Columbus

The key to effective water management is proper drainage solutions. At McCoy Paving, we understand how vital drainage is, and we love providing our customers with the drainage solutions they need to prevent costly repairs down the road. If you experience drainage issues with your lawn or driveway, McCoy Paving is here to help! Contact us today to request a free estimate on all of your driveway and lawn drainage needs.