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Driveway Repair

Columbus Driveway Repair

Is your driveway or parking lot buckling, sinking, cracking, or crumbling? If it is, then you need the professional driveway repair offered at McCoy Paving. Much like any other part of a residential or commercial establishment, concrete and asphalt driveways are going to start breaking down over time. Not only does a damaged driveway look unappealing, but it can cause unnecessary damage to you and your guests’ vehicles as well as create tripping hazards.

McCoy Paving is accredited with both the BBB and Angie’s list and has an A+ and 5-star rating, respectively. Our repair services include crack filling, milling and repaving, and complete or partial removal and replacement. As a result, you can count on McCoy Paving regardless of what kind of shape your driveway is in. Contact us now for a free estimate and get your driveway looking new again!


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Columbus Driveway Milling

One of our most commonly performed driveway repairs in Columbus is the milling of old or damaged pavement. Here at McCoy Paving, we use specialized equipment to remove the surface of a driveway in preparation for replacement. This allows us to redo the pavement only without damaging or removing the existing grade. McCoy Paving’s driveway milling and repair will save you money by lessening the cost of materials and labor that comes with a complete replacement.

Suppose you find you have drainage issues, or you have reason to believe that your driveway needs to be regraded. In that case, McCoy Paving also offers complete and partial driveway replacement services in Columbus.


Columbus Driveway Replacement

If your driveway is in complete disrepair, then you need to contact McCoy Paving for their driveway replacement service in Columbus. A complete driveway replacement is perfect for those uneven driveways or those with drainage issues because this will damage your pavement and cause it not to last as long as it otherwise would. In instances like these, we recommend you get a complete driveway replacement. McCoy Paving’s driveway replacement will regrade and repave your driveway, leaving you a perfectly finished and beautiful space for you and your guests to park.

Driveway Crack filling in Columbus

McCoy Paving offers preventative repair services to prolong the life expectancy of your existing driveway. Most cases of driveway deterioration begin with minor cracking that, when left untreated, morphs into severe cracking and buckling in the surface of your pavement. Our Columbus crack filling service at McCoy Paving will stop the cracks in their tracks and enable you to get more out of your existing pavement.

McCoy Paving Driveway Repair

If your driveway needs repair, then you need McCoy Paving’s Columbus driveway repair services! We offer everything you need for a new, smooth, and attractive driveway. Our Columbus driveway repair services include repairs for any stage of decay – we offer crack filling for those driveways that aren’t in bad shape and complete replacements for the ones that even we can’t save. Contact us now for your free estimate and see just why McCoy Paving has become the preferred paving company in Columbus!